Friday, January 13, 2012

The Fire Is So Delightful

A toasty fire in the fireplace keeps our dollhouse nice and warm! 
The girls wanted a fire so I tried my hand at painting one....not too bad! 
Can I cuddle up, too? : D

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dollhouse Flower Shop

And a hearty thanks to my very talented and creative floral design team...always working hard behind the scenes. Great job, girls!

Thermos and a Picnic

This cute little thermos idea comes from one of my favorite mini blogs, My Little Country House. This adorable thermos is made from a pen top. Check it out:

Thermos --- Termos

This is an idea I found on somebody's blog a while ago. The thermos is made from the top part of a pen, painted and decorated with a flower from a paper napkin.

See My Little Country House for more great dollhouse ideas!

Breezy's Doll Making

Breezy Tulip makes adorable doll well as beautiful sketches and art work. Here is an excerpt from her blog below:

There are also some little bunny friends, the one in blue made from a similar pattern:

Mr. Bunny, Mirabel, and Little Miss Bunny:

Find more of Breezy Tulip Doll Making. Enjoy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Playroom

Caitlyn used her birthday money to purchase a new set of playroom furniture. This little wooden set is called Ryan's Room and includes the bunk bed with those cute red gingham mattresses and pillows as well as the table and benches, toy chest, wagon, rocking horse, and little wooden cars.

The girls have embellished with their own knitted coverlets...

The little cardboard easel (above) was cut from the box...
and more blocks and toys for the playroom...

Kitchen Set-Up

Maggie's Closet

Our youngest, Asheley, has had her eye on this little Maggie's Closet (and here's Lizzy's Closet in purple) for some time as part of's now hers! The scale of the doll is slightly larger than the other dollhouse dolls but it does make it easier for little fingers to change all those adorable outfits!

It comes with several clothing items including a nightgown and night cap as well as white pantaloons, a bag purse, floppy hat, and backpack...all with cute little plastic hangers...

Asheley's favorite is this lace trimmed skirt...
that goes all the way down to her shoes!!